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FORENSIC Evaluation

Forensic evaluation is a process by which a trained licensed psychologist answers a question(s) posed by the court. Often the courts or attorneys have questions about individuals involved in a legal process and a forensic evaluation seeks to answer these questions. This kind of an evaluation may be used for a number of reasons, but they often seek to inform the court about the psychological state of an individual (for civil or criminal cases), assess risk, or may be used to make recommendations about the future of the individual, such as in child custody recommendations.

The psychologist selects the appropriate measures to be used in a forensic evaluation as a function of the specific question(s) the court would like addressed. The process typically includes psychological assessments of the individuals in question, record review, collateral interviews, psychological interviews, home visits (to sometimes include school visits when children are involved), and review of the scientific literature that applies to the case. Additional elements may be incorporated as dictated by the specific circumstances of the case.

In addition to the above services, Dr. Ainslie is also available to consult with attorneys on psychological matters pertaining to legal questions. As Dr. Ainslie is also available to provide expert testimony in such areas as: forensic evaluation, psychological assessment, personality, multicultural issues, attachment, interviewing, immigration, trauma, substance use, and risk assessment, among others.